Tuesday, 29 March 2011

And then there was...

Cosmic Horses is made up of interstellar artists Julia Prudhomme and Bethany Scholl. Born on that same fateful day when the moon was taking its last breath they were eternally connected by a magical force contained within their identical stomach freckles. Working primarily with found objects (acquired by means of raiding lawns at dusk and vigorous thrift store hunts) the Cosmic Horses work incessantly at creating magical and mysterious environments that will lure in any unsuspecting passerby with its peculiar charm and mystifying aura.

This is their story:

Faith is an interstellar girl and Love is a stormy lemons.
All Cosmic Horses eat young, cold waves.
The rainy crystal ball roughly runs the woods.
The small sparkles swiftly hide the wave, play, majestic, and silent.
Scream roughly like a fast Julia.
Julia's talk like rainy Julia's.
All Julia's fight faceless, rainy Julia's.
Bethany the ghost haunts lion, tigers and bears
Flacking Penguins to the spawn
Sometimes you amaze me with your frightening fears
We'll soon see rosy-fingered dawn eating Golden Wonder.
Always mumbling they are through buckets one sad soul destined for doom.
At times like these I find a turtle very handy.
A wanderer emanates velvet bananas.
Called to mind a stampede of our savior's apostles coughing and choking longing to be free shakes her head and whines a little.

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