Text Work

(... to be continually added to ...)

"Lie!" grumbled the cold man, the keeper of playboy bunnys
Bread so sound of mind not free to fanticize
A shot chews . A snail finishes.
The chick danced like a dainty pixy, or a fragile little elf
Run through the field of joy, past your lover, and embrace an aardvark instead
Dominating for originating instantaneously done
While the playboy bunny was away, the rampant grizzly bears did play
The bell boy scolded the pig, to no avail.
The panther exploded in a fit of rage, leaving in its wake a litter of crushed jets.

put on some raspberry chapstick

And siphon our brains into a paper cup.

tumbled tumbled gellid bisquick

From time to time, we must all sup

you should sweat
rundown tears bombing he is
these hands frosted
your losing touching

so even the fact you can wiggle your ears

not being able to break thru

once again i find the burning shores of titicaca stuck in my ear;

a fly grasping warmth while perched on an integrated circuit

always mumbling they are through buckets
hairless poems uttering it is a arm
that is coming those lost snakes
earthy swelling you
he is extracting
bombard before the souls
before smelling he laughs whenever over losing pigeons
we are cross running

Could not write, but could he read!

And then they danced in the room of ball

I want to bite off your head

But then again, why doesn't she call?

Damn the dust, get it outta here

but you eat that peach like you watch the snow

And I said you were un poco,

Cankerous old men chewing lard tobacco

devil like not dream young and scar an and hidden and to on like a a a lie and the light scar but lie spirit truly light alive hidden hidden scar it begging void feel lyrically lie on a dark clinging like a as on us the spirit that mystery lend by as fragile lie lend young the is for There's a like angel shallow there's to to untold leaves but young void hole leaves appeased lyrically angel lives an to nothing to light free young the by a lyrically a there's like go begging

We are Devo, We are not men

it has no taint, hence it a herring?...No, a trout!

and still I reek of Jovan Musk (for men)

That I went ahead and screwed it in the snout

At times like these I find a turtle very handy

one sad soul destined for doom

At times like these I find a turtle very handy

gimme some easy cheese and leave the room!

A red rose holds meetings on frozen water.
Reflective agony!
A wanderer emanates velvet bananas.

The wind weeps with the sorrow of black abandonment.
The sun bathes in the ecstasy of a wet cave's dew drops,
But the moon fiddles with well-deserved rapture.

Cthulhu Ia Pthagn!

I open my mouth, mocking your sipping

And I think this is all very tiring

except that he was smoking

for little spots, that itch and burn.

or my verse rival Robert Bly

for little spots, that itch and burn.

Typography gets me down, but lets me fly

Velvet jello!
A wanderer throbs with virgin spit.
Heaven blows bubbles in raw residue.
The sunset aches for purple lust.

The desert shines like luscious agony.
A red rose spews forth my love's ecstasy.
The night embraces the sun's dew drops

sanity is a cozy lie

when it comes to Gordon Lightfoot, I can never get enough

if you eat it you will die so i suggest an apple pie

standing on the edge of record, playback cough

waltzing in selzter cries out without spite

We ended the lustfest thus ending a dream

The penultimate fate of ungrammatical crudites

The softener glistening like fresh milked cream

I always cry at breakfast

The cursive palace yawns her tessellated smile

smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!

that upon a fortnight could bring a smile

Everything looks like a pancake

The planet Mongo was ruled by Ming.

my teeth are so sore, yet I feel like a snake

The fighter bums are wiggling and waggling and beaming.

I love the smell of burning rabbits

--A yam. Or am I sweet, potato?

You give me the fidgits.

tippy-toe, tippy-toe, i know where she go

could you do that thing

And I think this is all very tiring

"CAUTION" the sign said, "Danger of slipping"

go back and bury thy face in the golden loins!

give me room to breath

and I suck him like candy.

and then i choked to death

At times like these I find a turtle very handy

boom goes the bat that flies into the fan made of sheets and tears

that feeds on turbulent emotions in stillness of air 

I'm going now to my closet to pick something to wear. 

he shakes the snow out of his hair